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TM “BCGUMA” is a Ukrainian trademark under which high-quality rubber auto parts in a wide range for post-warranty maintenance of European and Asian cars are developed and produced:bushings, stabilizer bushings, engine mount cushions, transmission rubber mount cushions, dust boots, shock absorbers bushings, etc.


The company was founded in 1998 in Bila Tserkva city, Kyiv region, and within a short time period has managed to become a competitive enterprise whose products are always in demand in various regions of Ukraine and beyond its borders.


TM “BCGUMA” consistently and successfully develops through the introduction of new advanced technologies and using modern equipment.


Our company's success is based on high-quality products: that is why all the sources of raw materials are carefully selected and chosen among the best ones available on the market. All the incoming raw materials are subject to strict control by the physicochemical indicators and safety standards. Such company’s management approach to the selection of quality raw materials and semi-finished products enables to manufacture high-quality products.


We are convinced that customers should enjoy not the only reasonable price of our products, but also their quality. That is why the company pays great attention to quality control of incoming raw materials, production of semi-finished products and the products themselves. The main priorities are: the quality of raw materials and products, modern technology and affordable price. It provides the high consumer demand for all the auto parts produced.


The company TM “BCGUMA” is constantly working to expand the range of rubber products. Every month we offer our customers new products.


By improving production technology, TM “BCGUMA” tends to more fully satisfy the needs of the general population with qualitative and, at the same time, affordable price auto parts.


The fundamental rule of partnership - is the work on mutual benefit and focus on long-term and profitable cooperation.

The company's goals:
  • TM “BCGUMA” is functioning as a market leader;
  • TM “BCGUMA” has its own characteristics that distinguish it from its competitors;
  • TM “BCGUMA” cares about the availability of their products to the consumers;
  • TM “BCGUMA” maintains a constant quality of its products at domestic and European standards levels.
The objectives of the short term:
  • Improving of the existing range of products;
  • Creating a new, more modern factory for the production of automobile parts with high-tech equipment and professional staff;
  • Developing of the public image and corporate identity.
Strategic objectives:
  • Ensuring the safety and maintenance of the guaranteed product quality by improving manufacturing processes;
  • Maintenance the trust of consumers, meeting their needs and expectations;
  • Increasing the company's profit by reducing losses in the production process and production growth.
Principles of achieving the objectives:
  • Continuous increasing of product competitiveness by improving the quality and security updates range in accordance with the expectations of consumers;
  • Efficient and effective use of the technical, economic and organizational resources;
  • Development and implementation of unified requirements to the quality of raw materials, semi-finished products and the improvement of monitoring techniques;
  • Mastering of new markets;
  • Continuous improving the knowledge and professional skills of the staff and their creative activity;
  • Building-up the relationship with suppliers and customers by mutual understanding and cooperation.
Company values:
  • Our employees;
  • Human values;
  • Initiative and responsibility;
  • Full commitment and confidence in achieving the company's goals;
  • Self-development of personality;
  • Healthy lifestyle;
  • Respect for the resources of the company;
  • Promotion of the company;
  • Protection of interests of the company.
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