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How to choose a quality silent block

The most important aspect in choosing of a new silent block, as well as any other detail on an automobile, is the parts adequacy to the manufacturing brand and the installation unit. Based on this you might think that it's the most easiest to remove the old item and buy exactly the same, even a product of the same company.


Unfortunately, this opinion is often false.


The base kit and the spare part of the same brand might be completely different quality. 


Several reasons for this discrepancy:

  • The reason for different quality of the same product is production complexes with bad ecology that are located outside the Eurozone. Details made in European production companies, but not in Europe, don't pass the same strict quality control. Therefore, an analog valued more than the product of the same name made by the official project.
  • When you're looking for an original item, you can also come across a fake - details of low quality, which are looking like a product of famous brands. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs choose parts of low quality and suffers from this user. In recent years, more and more people pay attention not on price but on quality and advantage. Still, mass production fake details is a fact, including spare parts. In particular this applies to Chinese products.

As you can see, searching for original parts in the domestic market it's not a simple matter. Even if you buy analogue it does not guarantee long trouble-free operation.


Remember that the technical requirements for domestic detail is higher than European. And it's not just about quality standards. Do not forget that the European roads with their smooth asphalt and stable environmental conditions do not coincide with our concepts. Accordingly, the parameters of parts in Europe are not appropriate to our bad roads. Not to mention the fact that the average European is much more accurately refers to the car: doesn't carry cargo in the passenger seat, and not travel on bad roads. The Europeans often change their cars and do not wait for the failure of some systems.


It turns out that for the ukrainian roads quality silent block- it's a detail that must be suitable to the local conditions and made with more stringent requirements than to the European roads.


Silent blocks BCGUMA comply with all conditions. Our items are made specifically for the difficult conditions of Ukrainian roads.


Silent blocks BCGUMA have a high rate of strength and reliability, even in off-road, in aggressive salt water or during seasonal variations in temperature.

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