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How to find out that silent block has worn out?

Technical condition of the silent block directly effects the behavior of your car on the road. Immediately after the failure mechanism begins to deliver very clear signals to the driver:

  • In the high-speed car shows poor stability;
  • When the suspension geometry became broken arises a kind of "yaw" on the road;
  • During the process of examination of the treads of tires reveals irregular wear.
  • The movement is accompanied by unpleasant noise and vibration in the nodes.

The wear of silent block can also be determined in the process of inspection of the technical condition of the car. Serviceable silent block has:

  • Integral hinge;
  • Smooth tires without delaminations;
  • On the insert there are no small cracks, which were formed because of the loss of elasticity of gum.

If the surface inspection did not reveal any disturbances, it’s necessary to carry out measurement of the backlash - the gap between the fixing shaft and the inner wall of silent block. Backlash must exactly match the technical parameters of the car.


If you see deformation of the insertion or the carcass, cracks in the rubber or increasing of the backlash - an urgent need to replace the item with a new silent block.

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