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Silent block exploitation

Assigning silent blocks - oscillation damping assemblies and mitigation of impacts of moving parts. Accordingly, during the movement car silent blocks are continuously exposed to high physical loads. Especially suffer silent blocks arm and pillow of stabilizer course stability. In complicated conditions of impassibility and temperature extremes, those parts especially are subject to wear and require regular inspection.


Under optimal conditions of exploitation -  quiet driving on a good flat roads - design life silent blocks covers 100-200 thousand kilometers.. However, this figure is only valid for optimal conditions!


Under the conditions of Ukrainian roads, with considering of the prevailing road surface and driving style, the real resource silent blocks reduced by 2-3 times. Therefore, check the serviceability of components is worth to be done at least twice a year - spring and fall.


Which changes silent block is exposed during the prolonged intensive exploitation?


In conditions of constant shock and friction, elastic insert gradually loses its elasticity and crack. Deformed, dry, broken tires are not able to perform its functions. Fluctuations in knots damping worse, strikes are not softened. As a consequence, enhanced vibration, noise and other unpleasant signals silent blocks wear.


Should understand that some noise is not end - the longer the mechanism works with worn silent blocks, the more deformed parts of nodes. And if worn silent blocks not replace the need to change is not one piece, and immediately the whole assembly, which increase the cost of repairs. As you can see, regular inspection and timely replacement silent block have important practical significance.


In this context, it is not clear why at the Ukrainian market is so difficult to find a single arm silent blocks. As a rule, our drivers offer to buy the entire lever assembly, which, of course, much more expensive, and, besides, it is not necessary. Realizing the economic absurdity of such a solution, we offer our customers silent blocks leverage as separate components.


Silent blocks BCGUMA - high-quality and reliable solution for the Ukrainian roads.

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