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What is a silent block and why it has to be changed

Silent block is a small detail of the car's suspension, which consists of two metal sleeves, inserted one into the other, the gap between which is a rubber insert. Silent blocks are used to connect parts of the automobile suspension, they soften vibrations transmitted from one part to another while driving a car. In addition to the suspension, rubber-metal joints (silent blocks so often referred to) are mounted to other vehicle systems: engine, gearbox, lever mounting, are used in the stabilizers and shock absorbers and other elements.


While exploitation of auto – silent blocks have a huge load, that is why its  condition is have to be checked, replacing as necessary any worn silent block on the new one. It is advisable to check the condition of the silent block every 50 thousand kilometers. To determine the status of rubber joints suspension need to post on the queue the front and rear of the car, check the levers for play and visually check the suspension silent block. Carefully inspect the silent block: if it is cracked or peeling, then the bushing must be replaced.


This seemingly minor detail, such as silent block affects the health of the entire chassis of the car. Wear bushing affects the handling of the car, hurting her, especially when driving at high speeds. Also, a worn bushing can cause a nasty squeaks in the suspension, the emergence of a backlash and a tangible machine roll. Not replaced in time  the worn silent block, can deform the lever, which subsequently will entail costly repairs.


We not advise to replace suspension silent block on your own, it will be safer to contact the professionals at workshop. For a quality installation requires special equipment and a competent master, having experience of similar work. In the result of an illiterate replacement bushes during operation, problems can occur, and a new bushing ahead of time will fail. For example, if you replace the suspension silent block of ignorance fully tighten the nut axis of the lever when the car is in limbo, the silent will soon be turned out and unusable.


To change silent block at the automobile workshop or on your own  – is the choice of 
yours. The most important thing is such important details as the silent block  was  fine and the car stays on the road with confidence, providing your safety.


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